Which flooring choices have the longest lifespan?

Which flooring choices have the longest lifespan?

When searching for new floors, you want to find one you fall in love with, but you also want it to last. As a result, shopping for new flooring feels difficult, especially if you?re searching for something with a long lifespan.

Hardwood floors have the most extended lifespan. Those installed in the 1900s still function today, making them the best choice for longevity.

Choose a flooring style that best suits your needs

Hardwood floors can come in planks or strips. Hardwood strip flooring can range in thickness from 5/16 of an inch to ? of an inch.

For example, hardwood strips from our flooring company are available in widths of 1 ?, 2, and 2 ? inches. Unlike hardwood strips, planks come in two different thicknesses and widths vary.

Using hardwood planks with a larger width would be ideal if your floor has a larger surface area and you want to use fewer materials. On the other hand, hardwood strips will be better if you're searching for something thinner to cover less area.

Add protection to your plan

Hardwood flooring comes in different types of wood, such as common types like red oak, hickory, or maple. Choosing new floors in harder woods, such as hickory, maple, or white oak, can help with protection from scratches.

Hardwood flooring comes in different stains, which decide the color of the flooring. Adding a chemical protectant over hardwood floors can make a big difference but adding area rugs to high-traffic areas can help protect floors as well.

Choose the right place for your needs

Here at Sheboygan Flooring and Furniture, we specialize in hardwood flooring. You'll find impressive features from planks and strips of common oak to Brazilian cherry wood.

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